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BM Furniture is the outstanding store for purchasing Sofa Upholstery shop in Dubai. With twenty six years of a flourishing business, our reputation in this sphere is beyond question. We provide the best.Investing in upholstery fabric is a serious matter. Careful thought and planning must be devoted to this exercise. Sofa Upholstery in Dubai is dominated by the leading suppliers of the fabric – BM Furniture.

Exactly what do we understand by Sofa Upholstery Shop?

Upholstery broadly refers to the composite parts of furniture cushioning.  The fabric, padding, webbing and springs are assembled into the cushioning.  Furniture Upholstery is important because the initial investment is quite high but the longevity and durability of the Nowadays, metal springs and foam for longevity and durability are used.

Picking out the most suitable material from the leading Sofa Upholstery Shop in Dubai.

This process requires the answers to basic questions, the most common being

  • Who will use the piece and their lifestyle
  • How will the fabric or leather age over time
  • Can exposure to sunlight be controlled in the room

This company has been in the business for 26 years, and has been growing exponentially in the Sofa Upholstery industry in Dubai. The expertise honed over the years produces exceptional Sofa Upholstery masterpieces. The products from this outlet are found nowhere else in the sofa upholstery works in Dubai. For sheer taste and elegance, our products are featured in top line reviews.

We provide quality materials for Furniture Upholstery. Our rates are very competitive while we maintain the standards of fine quality without compromise. Our craftsmen are skilled and experienced. Our products are unique and sought after. Contact us now.

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BM Sofa Upholstery – ticks all the boxes!

Why bother with re-upholstery when it’s just simpler to buy new?

There are five very compelling reasons to reupholster sofas :

  • For a style change – to suit the patterns and colours of home re-décor.
  • Re-inventing quality items with new design – older pieces are generally better built.
  • Sentimental reasons – attachment to set pieces in your living space, makes you reluctant to discard them.
  • Impact on Environment – discarded furniture by the tons are amassing waste and not utilizing resources.
  • Value for money – the expression “ Old is gold” is gaining more significance with the use and throw mentality of the present day.

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FAQs to consider before you upholster :

Going by popularity and durability factors vinyl and leather are the leading options. Out of the ordinary selections would be vintage blankets or kilim rugs. The question of personal taste is a major factor.

Upholstery is the assembled parts of the cushioning on furniture. Fabric is one part. It is the cloth or synthetic material used to cover the padding and springs.

BM Furniture has an established reputation as the finest sofa upholstery shop in Dubai.

The bare furniture, for example, a sofa, is prepped for upholstery by light sanding on the wood and cleaning the dust away. The springs are positioned and padding like foam or cotton is used to cover the entire piece. Fabric or leather is shaped to fit over this padding and streamlined to produce a complete, upholstered piece of furniture! Furniture Upholstery is an art form practiced by skilled craftsmen. 

Textured sofa upholstery fabrics may have either a chunky weave, a raised pattern, or an embossed or embroidered surface. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, the threads withstand heavy wear and tear, even when wet. It is readily available in the most popular Sofa Upholstery Shop in Dubai – BM Furniture.