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We are the principal suppliers of wallpaper in Dubai. Our range of products is exclusive among other wallpaper shops in Deira, Dubai. Choose from a wide spectrum of elegant and tasteful wallpapers in our displays.

Looking to furnish your house? Or is it time for fresh home décor? Call us now and be amazed at the trendy and graceful wallpaper options we can provide you!

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the best among wallpaper shops in Dubai

We are a trusted and tried business house with a resplendent record in providing client contentment. We are established as a successful wallpaper supplier in UAE. For 26 years, our reputation as a home décor dealer in Dubai has been built upon trust, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We provide bespoke creations with wallpaper that make your rooms vibrant. Curated advice from our professionals makes you informed and aware of your best options. You feel confident about your decision to apply wallpaper.

As the leading wallpaper dealers in UAE, we make our product line suitable for a modest budget also, without compromising on quality. The same clean-cut effect of premium paints can be reproduced at costs that will be cheaper in the long run. We are the natural choice for your wallpaper needs – the leading wallpaper shop across the UAE.

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Deploy Wallpaper To Be Trendy!c

Years of staring at blank single shaded walls can be weary to the soul. Inject your home with a dose of revival! Make your walls the easel of your imagination. BM Furniture, the premier wallpaper shop in Dubai, provides the most versatile selections among all the wallpaper shops across UAE. Find the trendiest designs that suit your taste. Call us now for immediate service.

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With Spectacular Creations On Your Walls

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Wallpaper can lend a dimension of depth to the ambience of your rooms. Tasteful and innovative designs can add an aura of freshness, coziness or openness. You will stimulate the senses with subtle motifs. 

Wallpaper can grab our senses and influence the perception of space. It can create a sense of cohesion in a room. Or you could create an illusion of isolation too. Your walls will have striking impact with our products. We are exclusive wallpaper suppliers in Deira, Dubai.

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FAQs to consider in case of common doubts

In general, small to medium rooms in an office will reflect better results with wallpaper. It also depends on the integrated layout of the office space and its furniture. We provide curated advice.

It is mainly a matter of personal choice in terms of design elements like color and pattern or motif. We, as the foremost among wallpaper shops in Dubai, can provide curated advice but the final decision will be left to you. In terms of practical use, we can advise you on the materials we stock, its cost, hardiness, longevity, etc.

Personal taste and design ideas should decide the best choice for wallpaper on the bedroom walls. Pale pastel colors provide a muted sense of balance. Patterns of various colors can impart different auras. Many clients opt for wooded forest scenes to add that touch of comfortable isolation and privacy.

There is a general notion that painting is cheaper than installing wallpaper, because of the high initial cost of  wallpaper installation. However, if you purchase quality wallpaper from outlets like ours, which is the best wallpaper shop in Deira, Dubai, it lasts much longer than the time the paint job.

For popularity and durability you could go for vinyl wallpaper. It tolerates a high level of moisture, so it can be washed lightly, and it is long lasting. Other options are Liner wallpaper, Non-woven wallpaper, Grasscloth wallpaper, Bamboo Wallpaper, Pre-pasted Wallpaper, Flock Wallpaper, and foil wallpaper.

  • Removing wallpaper takes energy and time. But with dedication and patience you can do a perfect job.
  • Make the room walls accessible by emptying the room.
  • Make a solution on of hot water mixed with soap and baking soda, You could even add some vinegar.
  • Apply the solution by spraying or soaking onto the glue area.
  • Scrape away the wallpaper with a sharp tool and fabric.